information for elizebath How the wife of Jams How Junr
Jams How senr aged about 94 sayth that he liueing by her for about
thirty years hath taken notes that she hath caried it well becoming her
place as a daughter as a wife in all Relation setting a side humain
infurmitys as becometh a Christion with Respact to my self as a father very
dutyfully & a wifife to my son uery Carfull loueing obediant and kind
Considering his want of eye sight tenderly leading him about by the hand
{now} desiering god may guide your honours to se a differans between predigous [= prejudice] and
Consentes [= conscience] I Rest yours to sarue James How senr of Ipswich
dated this 28 day of June 1692


Statement of James How Sr. for Elizabeth How, June 28, 1692, Phillips Library, on deposit from the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Archives, DEP 01, box 8, folder 24