Ipswich June: th: 25th: 1692
The testimony of Simon Chapman agid.
About 48 yers testifieth and sayth that heth
heth bin Aquayntid with the wiuef of
James houe ^{iunr} as a naybar for this 9 or 10 yers and
he neuar Sau eny harm by hur but that
That hath bin good for I found hur Joust
In hur delling faythfooll too hur prommisis [2nd “m” written over “i”]
I have had acation to be in the <p> compiny of
goodwiuf houe by the fortnight to gathar at
Thayar hous: and at other Tims and I found at all
Tims by hur discors shee was a woman of a
fliktion and <a> morning for sin in hur seluef
And othars And when shee met with eny
Afliktion she semid to iostifi god and say that
Itt was all bett{<er>} then she desarfid [= deserved] thof [= though] it war
by falls aq{u}sations from men: and she yust
To bles god that she got good by afliktions
for it med hur exsamin hur oun hart
I never herd hur refil [= revile] eny parson that
heth akusid hur with wichcraft but pit
tied them and sayid i pray god forgiue them
for thay harm them selues mor then me
Thof i am a gret sinar yit i am cler of that
sayid she. and such kind of afliktions doth but
set me aexsamining my oun hart and I find
god wondarfolly seportining [=supporting] me and
Confarting me by his word and promisis
She semid to be a woman throu in that gret
work of conuiktion and conuertion which
I pray god mak us all: y
Simon Chapman

My wiuef Mary Chapman cane
Testifi to the most of this abouritan
as witnes my hand
Mary Chapman

Testimony of Simon Chapman and Mary Chapman for Elizabeth How, June 25, 1692, Phillips Library, on deposit from the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Archives, DEP 01, box 8, folder 15