The Testimony of John How aged about 50 yers.
saieth that one that day that my brother James his Wif [Lost] [=was?]
Caried to Salem farmes upon exsamination she was at my [Lost] [= house?]
and would a have me to go with hur to Salem farmes
I tould hur: that If she had ben sant for upon allmost
any acount but witch Craft I would a haue gone with hur
but one that acount I would not for ten pounds:: but said
I If yow are a witch tell me how long yow have
ben a witch and what mischeue yow haue done and then
I will go with yow for said I to hur yow haue bin
acusied by Samuell Pearlys Child and saspacted by Daken
Cumins for witch craft: she semed to be aingry with
me: stell she asked me to Come one the morow I
told hur I did not know but I might Com to morow
but my ocashons Caled me to go to Ipswich one the morow
and Came Whome a bout sunsaet: and standing Nere
my dore talking with one of my Naibours: I had a
sow with six. small Pigs in the yard the sow was as
wall so fare as I know as Euer: one a suding she leaped
up about thre o fouer foot hie and turned about and
gaue one squeake and fell downe daed. I told my naibour:
that was with me I thought my sow was bewitched: for
saied I I think she is daed he lafed at me but It proued
true for she fell downe daed: he bed me Cut of hur Eare the
which I did and my hand I had my knif in was so nume
and full of paine that night and sauerall days after that I
Could not doe any work and is not wholy wall now
and I sospacted no other person but my sd sister How elizabeth How

Capt Jno How: declared: ye abovewritten: evidence: to be ye truth:
before: ye Jury of inquest: June: 30th 1692 upon his oath: in Court

Jon How

Testimony of John How v. Elizabeth How, June 30, 1692, Phillips Library, on deposit from the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Archives, DEP 01, box 8, folder 20