Know all whom it doth or may Consarn That we
mary and Abegill {How} both daughters of James. How Juner
of Ipswich Late deceast: being informe That ye honred
Generall Court hath alowed som money for us in
way of Restution for ye damig we sustained in ye yere
92 by that as was Called witch Craft. when
our hono<u>red mother was Executed
we pray your honours to send us ye money alowed
{ us:} by our vncle Abraham How whom we haue
desiered & Employed to Recaue ye same for us
dated in Ipswich 22 of January 1711 or 12
as witnes our hands   mark
Mary X How
Abigill X How

Mary & Abigal Hows order

Order of Mary How and Abigail How for payment, case of Elizabeth How, January 22, 1712, Phillips Library, on deposit from the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Archives, DEP 01, box 13, folder 9