Rnd Sr
Wheras there haue been divers reports raysed, how, and, by what
hands I know not, of the Towne of Andover, and the Inhabitants,
I thought it my bounden duty to giue an account to others, so
farr as I {ha} had the vnderstanding of any thing amongst us. Therefore
doe declare, that I beleeue the reports have been Scandalous, and
unjust, neither will bear. ye light, As for that, of the Siue, and Cisers
I never heard of it, till this last Summer, and the Sabboth after
I spake publiqly concerning ^{it} Since which I beleeue it hath not been
tryed, As for such things of Charmes, and way’s to find their
cattle, I never heard, nor doe I know any Neighbour that ever
did So, neither haue I any grounds to beleeue it. I haue lived
aboue Fortie fower yeares in the Towne, and haue been frequent
among ye Inhabitants, and in my healthfull yeares oft at their
habitations, and Should certainely heard if so it had been. That
there was a Suspicion<s> of Goodwife Carrier among Some of us
before she was apprehended, I know. [ 3 words overstruck].
As for any other persons, I had no Suspicion of them, and had
Charity been put on, the Divel would not haue had Such an ad
–vantage against us, and I beleeue many Innocent persons
have been accused, & Imprisoned, ye Conceit of Spectre Evidence
as an infallible mark did too far prevaile with us Hence we
So easily parted with our neighbours, of honest, & good report, &
members in full Comunion, hence we so easily parted with our
Children, when we knew nothing in their liues, nor {any of} our neigh–
–bours ^{to Suspect them} and thus things were hurried on; hence Such strange breach–
–es in families, Severall that came before me, that Spake
with much Sobrietie, professing their innocency, though through
the Devils Subtilty they were too much urged to Confesse, and
we thought we did doe well in so doeing, yet they stood their
ground professing they knew nothing, never Saw ye deuil,
never made a covenant with him, & ye like; & Some Children,
that we haue cause to feare that dread has overcome them
to accuse themselues in that they knew not. Stephen Johnson
Mary Barker ye Daughter of Lieftenant Barker, and some
others did<?> by what we had from them, with Suitable affec–
–tions we haue cause to beleeue they were in the truth, and
{So} held to it, if after many indeauours they had been dismissed
not been overcome to Say wt they
never knew

This hath been a trouble to me, considering how oft it
hath been Sayd, you are a witch, you are guilty, &
who afflicts this maid or the like, & more then this hath
been Sayd, charging persons with witchcraft, and what
flatteries haue past from; & threats and telling them they
must goe to prison et. this I Say, feare haue caused many
to fall. our Sinne of Ignorance wherin we thought we
did well, will not excuse us when we know we did amisse
but what ever might be a Stambling block to others must be
removed, else we shall procure divine displeasure, & Euills
will unavoidably breake in upon us.

Andover Jan 2. Yours Sr who am ^{though unworthie} a friend to
92 them yt are friends to Sion
Francis Dane Se<n>[Lost] [=Senior]

Concerning my Daughter Elizabeth Johnson, I never had ground
to Suspect her; neither haue I heard any other to accuse her, till b[Lost] [= by]
Spectre evidence she was brought forth, but this I must Say, She was
weake, and incapacious, fearfull, and in that respect I feare she
hath falsely accused her self ^{& others.} she Not log long before ^{that} she was sent
for ^{she} Spake as to her owne particular, that she was sure she was no
witch, and for her Daughter Elizabeth, she is but Simplish at
ye best, and I feare the comon speech that was frequently spread
among us, of their liberty, if they would confesse, and the like expression,
used by some, haue brought many into a snare, the Lord direct
& guide those that are in place, and giue us all Submissiue
wills, & let the Lord doe with me, & mine, what Seems good in
his owne eys.

Francis Dane

Statement of Francis Dane Sr., regarding some of the Andover accused, January 2, 1693, Phillips Library, on deposit from the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Archives, DEP 01, box 8, folder 6